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Our look

The VCH look is important to use because it establishes the organization as a single, unified entity and provides instant recognition in a competitive graphic environment.

Every visual expression of our brand should be consistent in appearance and quality, whether communication is to patients, colleagues, suppliers or the community at large. Following the specifications and guidelines presented in this manual will build and maintain confidence and trust in our organization.

Note: These standards have been developed to be flexible while maintaining a building a brand personality. While these standards apply in most situations, read our Governing policy section for specific information on when these standards apply and how they will be enforced.

Branding cheat sheet

Print our brand cheat sheet for an easy-to-check reference at your desk.


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We really like our logo and we wear it proudly. Here’s how we want to wear it.

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A lot of thought has gone into the VCH colours. Learn more about which colours we use and why we chose them.

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We use our fonts four different ways. Here’s how we do it.

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Photo & video

Like photos, we want to see the faces of people in VCH videos. Here are the guidelines.

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E-mail signature

Want to know how to get that great VCH look in your email signature?

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Electronic templates

We have a series of electronic templates for use in Microsoft Word. The font used in these templates are Arial, which is universal on all computers and need to be customized according to site, service or facility. See our stationery letterhead for text positioning in letter here. Download files VCH employees can download all of the electronic …

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Ready-to-order printing

Ordering At VCH, we have several examples of formats that we use regularly and order in large numbers. To order printed documents, visit the website for VCH Print Services or call them at 604.875.4350. For digital letterheads, VCH employees can download the electronic template on VCH Connect. Appointment cards There are two versions of the appointment cards available: Version 1 has …

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Facility, department, service or program identities

How can you make all of the different sites, facilities, services, departments and programs unique while still maintaining that VCH look? Learn more here.

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Corporate signage

Walking around VCH’s locations, you will see a lot of signs. Here are guidelines for all of our corporate signage.

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vehicle graphics

Vehicle graphics

Not only will you see our signs on buildings and in facilities, but you will them on VCH vehicles as well. Here are the guidelines.

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